Nostradamus Cen: 10, Qtn: 75

Nostradamus used directly the name "Moon" to depict the new Messianic figure coming to bring lasting Peace in our age 
The Peacemaker, which in the words of the prophet is a new religious leader, born in the Oriental East, carrying the New Truth, will work to unite religions against the Red Communism and blesses big numbers of families wherever he goes.
His name is linked with the word "Moon"
The following are Quatrains from the book of Nostradamus which reveal the Truth about the coming of the Messiah in our time. While speaking about the new religious consciousness, that this Messiah will bring about, Nostradamus predicts the following:
This new religion shall spread the world over. It teaches a new acceptance of life - A kind of magic used as a launch pad to an experience of the divine. This suggests a concept of complete surrender to belief.
Chapter 15

He will bestow benign enlightenment on people of the world.
Chapter 15 - C.2, Q. 29)
He will unite the Faiths, Religions and Races into One. He will strike out old traditional rock-like dogmas with his spiritual teachings.
Chapter 15 - C.9, Q.51

Nostradamus lists down some major clues to the character of the 'New Religion', its teachings and to the identification of the 'New Spiritual Teacher'.
The person who brings this massive change will appear in Asia.
Chapter15 - C.10, Q. 75

He will be born in the Orient - Asia (From the yellow race). This nation is Korea.
He will have a name related to the moon.
Chapter15 - C.2, Q. 28)
In Korean the word "Moon", means "God's Word" - the Lord of the Moon. As the Bible says, he will come from East with a new name, and his name will be God's Word. Moon is one of the important Korean family names and there is a New Religion founded by a man with this name - Rev. Sun Myung Moon.
'Ears filled with ornate speeches' A great Orator He will point out the fallacies of the traditional practices of the religions, and will preach the hidden treasure of wisdom of all religions, in an easily understandable manner.
Chapter15 - C.1, Q. 96
Rev. Moon could be this great orator - he has more then 400 volumes published of his speeches. At times his talk continued longer then 16 hours.
The Soft voice of the sacred friend is heard under Holy ground - the Human Flame shines for the divine voice." People would wait to hear his Golden words of Truth.
Chapter15 - C.4, Q. 24
Curious fact is that religious leaders of all faith attend and support many of Rev. Moon's initiatives for Peace.

He will unite the religions against the Red.
Chapter15 - C.5, Q. 96
Unifying the religions is another important sign that Nostradamus gave to recognize him. Rev. Moon worked vigorously to unite religions against the Red Communism.
He will use unorthodox devices to stir people up, disturbing the status codes of social and religious behavior in our materialistic times. Chapter15 - C.2, Q. 29
He has the power to transform and liberate the individual to the TRUTH.
Chapter15 - C.2, Q. 29
He will travel far and wide in his drive to uplift the suffering humanity and to bring peace to the world.
Chapter15 - C.2, Q. 28


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